The Best Hotels in Nosara

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, Nosara offers an unparalleled experience for every traveler. We’ve curated a selection of the best hotels in Nosara to ensure your stay is as breathtaking as the destination itself.

from $341/night

The Gilded Iguana 1The Gilded Iguana 1
The Gilded Iguana 2The Gilded Iguana 2
The Gilded Iguana 3The Gilded Iguana 3
The Gilded Iguana 4The Gilded Iguana 4
The Gilded Iguana 5The Gilded Iguana 5
The Gilded Iguana 6The Gilded Iguana 6
The Gilded Iguana 10The Gilded Iguana 10
The Gilded Iguana 11The Gilded Iguana 11
The Gilded Iguana 12The Gilded Iguana 12
The Gilded Iguana 13The Gilded Iguana 13
The Gilded Iguana 15The Gilded Iguana 15
The Gilded Iguana 14The Gilded Iguana 14


A short walk from Playa Guiones, this luxury resort features a full-service restaurant, gym, co-working space, luxury suites, large pools, surf shop, and surf school. 

from $210/night

Sendero 8Sendero 8
Sendero 11Sendero 11
Sendero 12Sendero 12
Sendero 13Sendero 13
Sendero 15Sendero 15
Sendero 18Sendero 18
Sendero 23Sendero 23
Sendero 24Sendero 24
Sendero 25Sendero 25
Sendero 26Sendero 26
Sendero 28Sendero 28
Sendero 27Sendero 27

Nestled beside Playa Guiones, this boutique luxury design hotel offers stunning rooms and suites, a gourmet restaurant, free bicycles, a yoga studio, a surf school, and a café. 

from $265/night

Olas Verdes Hotel 6Olas Verdes Hotel 6
Olas Verdes Hotel 1Olas Verdes Hotel 1
Olas Verdes Hotel 2Olas Verdes Hotel 2
Olas Verdes Hotel 3Olas Verdes Hotel 3
Olas Verdes Hotel 4Olas Verdes Hotel 4
Olas Verdes Hotel 5Olas Verdes Hotel 5
Olas Verdes Hotel 7Olas Verdes Hotel 7
Olas Verdes Hotel 8Olas Verdes Hotel 8


This intimate resort, closest to Playa Guiones, offers a selection of rooms and private suites. Enjoy a swimming pool, onsite restaurant, and surf school for a perfect beachside getaway.

from $203/night

The Nomadic Hotel 3The Nomadic Hotel 3
The Nomadic Hotel 1The Nomadic Hotel 1
The Nomadic Hotel 2The Nomadic Hotel 2
The Nomadic Hotel 7The Nomadic Hotel 7
The Nomadic Hotel 8The Nomadic Hotel 8
The Nomadic Hotel 9The Nomadic Hotel 9
The Nomadic Hotel 10The Nomadic Hotel 10
The Nomadic Hotel 11The Nomadic Hotel 11
The Nomadic Hotel 14The Nomadic Hotel 14
The Nomadic Hotel 13The Nomadic Hotel 13
The Nomadic Hotel 17The Nomadic Hotel 17


This cool, top-rated design hotel near Playa Guiones features open, airy spaces, an on-site restaurant, private suites, and shared dorms. Experience luxury on a budget just minutes from the beach.

from $212/night

Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 1Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 1
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 2Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 2
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 3Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 3
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 4Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 4
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 5Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 5
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 6Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 6
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 7Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 7
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 8Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 8
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 9Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 9
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 10Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 10
Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 11Hotel Boutique Lagarta Lodge 11

This luxury resort overlooking Playa Nosara features private access to Reserva Biológica, multiple pools, and a spa center.

from $181/night

Norte Nosara 7Norte Nosara 7
Norte Nosara 2Norte Nosara 2
Norte Nosara 4Norte Nosara 4
Norte Nosara 5Norte Nosara 5
Norte Nosara 6Norte Nosara 6
Norte Nosara 8Norte Nosara 8
Norte Nosara 9Norte Nosara 9
Norte Nosara 11Norte Nosara 11
Norte Nosara 1Norte Nosara 1

This boutique hotel, a short walk from Playa Guiones, offers a relaxed atmosphere with an onsite pool, bar, garden, terrace, and restaurant.

from $289/night

Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 1Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 1
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 2Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 2
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 3Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 3
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 4Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 4
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 5Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 5
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 7Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 7
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 8Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 8
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 9Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 9
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 10Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 10
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 11Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 11
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 12Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 12
Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 13Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel 13

This intimate luxury resort in Nosara features an outdoor pool, spa center, and breathtaking jungle views from its hillside location.

from $141/night

La Negra Surf Hotel 11La Negra Surf Hotel 11
La Negra Surf Hotel 1La Negra Surf Hotel 1
La Negra Surf Hotel 2La Negra Surf Hotel 2
La Negra Surf Hotel 3La Negra Surf Hotel 3
La Negra Surf Hotel 5La Negra Surf Hotel 5
La Negra Surf Hotel 6La Negra Surf Hotel 6
La Negra Surf Hotel 7La Negra Surf Hotel 7
La Negra Surf Hotel 8La Negra Surf Hotel 8
La Negra Surf Hotel 9La Negra Surf Hotel 9
La Negra Surf Hotel 10La Negra Surf Hotel 10

This trendy hotel features a yoga studio, surf lessons for all levels, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

from $295/night

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 1Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 1
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 2Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 2
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 3Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 3
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 4Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 4
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 5Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 5
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 6Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 6
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 7Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 7
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 8Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 8
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 9Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 9
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 10Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 10
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 11Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 11
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 12Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 12
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 13Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 13
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 14Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 14
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 15Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort 15

Located near Playa Guiones, this luxury yoga resort offers an outdoor pool, an onsite restaurant with delicious vegan options, and opulent rooms and suites for a serene and rejuvenating retreat.

from $225/night

Hotel Guiones 5Hotel Guiones 5
Hotel Guiones 1Hotel Guiones 1
Hotel Guiones 2Hotel Guiones 2
Hotel Guiones 3Hotel Guiones 3
Hotel Guiones 4Hotel Guiones 4
Hotel Guiones 6Hotel Guiones 6
Hotel Guiones 7Hotel Guiones 7
Hotel Guiones 8Hotel Guiones 8
Hotel Guiones 9Hotel Guiones 9
Hotel Guiones 10Hotel Guiones 10
Hotel Guiones 11Hotel Guiones 11

This rustic resort near Playa Guiones features studios with fully-equipped private kitchens. Enjoy a swimming pool and an onsite restaurant for a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

from $160/night

The Sunset Shack 4The Sunset Shack 4
The Sunset Shack 1The Sunset Shack 1
The Sunset Shack 2The Sunset Shack 2
The Sunset Shack 3The Sunset Shack 3
The Sunset Shack 5The Sunset Shack 5
The Sunset Shack 6The Sunset Shack 6
The Sunset Shack 7The Sunset Shack 7

Located next to Playa Guiones, this relaxed hotel features a year-round outdoor pool and an onsite restaurant. Ideal for budget-conscious travelers.

from $96/night

Villa Mango B&B 1Villa Mango B&B 1
Villa Mango B&B 2Villa Mango B&B 2
Villa Mango B&B 3Villa Mango B&B 3
Villa Mango B&B 4Villa Mango B&B 4
Villa Mango B&B 5Villa Mango B&B 5
Villa Mango B&B 6Villa Mango B&B 6
Villa Mango B&B 7Villa Mango B&B 7
Villa Mango B&B 8Villa Mango B&B 8
Villa Mango B&B 9Villa Mango B&B 9
Villa Mango B&B 10Villa Mango B&B 10

Located in the hills of Nosara, this friendly B&B offers comfortable rooms and a swimming pool. As the most affordable option in Nosara, it is popular with budget-conscious travelers.

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